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Choose Cathay Pacific Promo 2017 Fares and explore Manchester, Zurich & Dusseldorf with

Go with Cathay Pacific Promo Take advantage of these special 2017 economy class fare to explore Manchester, Zurich & Dusseldorf. Also, enjoy special prices for international flights to US, London, Tokyo and Paris. For as low as USD856 all-inclusive airlines promo fare offer, get to travel from CEBU from 7 December – 30 June 2017. Reserve now while supply still

Cathay Pacific Airlines Fares Promo until December 2015

Discover Asia thru Cathay Pacific Airlines Promo Fares for 2015 and 2016 with airfare tickets for as low as US$122 all-inclusive fares. Enjoy affordable Cathay Pacific international ticket fares going to Japan, New York, London, Los Angeles, singapore, Sydney, Paris and Amsterdam. Business Class Travel Ticket Promos : Tokyo, Japan – USD881 Economy Class Travel Airline Fares Promotions : London

Cathay 69th Anniversary 2015 Incredible Promo until 2016 with new flights to Boston Dusseldorf Airlines Sale

Enjoy the latest offers from Cathay Pacific Airlines with its incredible international air fares with over 60 destinations to choose from. Book a Cathay Pacific Promo Trip today! North America Smart Savers : New York – USD 2,243 Los Angeles – USD 1,938 New Flight Destination Sale : Boston – USD 1,056 Dusseldorf – USD 8983 International Fares : HongKong

Cathay Pacific Airlines Ticket Promo from Dec 2015 up to May 2016 London, New york, Japan, Sydney, Paris & Amsterdam

Enjoy your vacation tours with Cathay Pacific on your side. Plan your travel to Hong Kong and Japan this 2015 with Smartsaver promo fares. Take comfort during your flight and explore Hiroshima as low as USD 379 all-inclusive ticket fares. Departure Period from 16 December 2015 up to 30 April 2016. Fares are also available on Premium Economy Class for