Choose Cathay Pacific Promo 2017 Fares and explore Manchester, Zurich & Dusseldorf with


Go with Cathay Pacific Promo Take advantage of these special 2017 economy class fare to explore Manchester, Zurich & Dusseldorf. Also, enjoy special prices for international flights to US, London, Tokyo and Paris.

For as low as USD856 all-inclusive airlines promo fare offer, get to travel from CEBU from 7 December – 30 June 2017. Reserve now while supply still available.

Views the latest flight departures to Hong kong, Los Angeles,

Los Angeles – USD2,505
New York – USD 1,140
Chicago – USD4,363
Sydney – USD786
London – USD1,085
Paris – USD4,044
Tokyo – USD426

Hong Kong – USD632

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  • kymberly listonco

    when you have promo fares new york or chicago kindly update this. we’re hoping to make reservation for a two way flight around april or may 2016. best regards

  • joycee

    please informed me promo flight this june 7 to june 10 roundtrip cdo to boracay near brisa marina resort. can i make a regards

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