Cebu Pacific Promo Air Fare Sure Travel Flights July to September 2018 Singapore Hong Kong Brunei Kuala Lumpur Taipei


Always travel on the sure side of life with Cebu Pacific Promo Air Fares for 2018. Get fantastic ticket sales for international flights to Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei.

US, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Europe is now within your grasp. Cebu Pacific Promo Fare all-in tickets for as low as your budget can reach.

Manila to Kota Kinabalu – P1,688

Cebu to Taipei – P1,688

Clark to Hong Kong or Macau – P1,688

Manila to Busan, Brunei – P2,688
Manila to Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Siem Reap,
Manila to Singapore – P2,688
Manila to Taipei – P2,688

Cebu, Davao or Iloilo to Singapore- P2,688

TRAVEL PERIOD: February 1, 2018 – MAY 31, 2018

Cebu to Incheon – P2,688
Travel Period: February 1, 2018 – March 26, 2018

Davao to Visayas – P1,166
Cebu to Mindanao – P1,130
Cagayan de Oro to Visayas – P1,054

Make sure to book your Cebu Pacific air flights within the sale period UP TO January 7, 2018 OR until seats lasts and still available.

Manila to Singapore – P888
Manila to Taipei – P2,088
Manila to Macau – P2,388
Manila to HongKong – P888
Travel Period: July 11, 2018 – September 16, 2018

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