Cebu Pacific International Promo Fares Singapore, HongKong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan for April May and June 2017


Cebu Pacific has lots of promo ticket fares for Singapore, HongKong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and so much more. These international flights can be availed on April, May and June 2017.

Enjoy as much as 50% off or these popular destinations :

Manila to Bangkok
Manila to Brunei
Manila to South Korea
Manila to HongKong
Manila to Dubai UAE
Manila to Singapore
Manila to Tokyo
Manila to Taipei
Manila to Nagoya JAPAN
Manila to Kota Kinabalu Malaysia
Manila to Phuket Thailand

This half the price promo on base fares for Cebu Pacific International Promo tickets are available for flights during the travel period March 9, 2017 up to June 15, 2018.

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