Air Asia Promo Fare P699 only until September 2017


Don’t waste any time. Fly with Air Asia today and get more airline promo discount when you fly to Kalibo, Tacloban, Macau or any other trips.

Air Asia Promo Fares for 2016 will allow your travel flights in no time. Teaming up with Zest Air, adds more refreshing goodness to the mix.

Manila to Kalibo
Manila to Macau
Manila to Tacloban

September 20, 2017 up to September 29, 2018.

Manila to Iloilo
Manila to Tagbilaran
Manila to Cebu
Manila to Puerto Princesa
Manila to Butuan
Manila to Legazpi
Manila to Davao
Manila to Cagayan de Oro

Air Asia’s Low Fares Promo for 2016 can get your choice destinations any time.

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